Annual Report



I, Mr. Rajendra Mishra Principal, Arvind Indo Public School(CBSE), Katol Welcome you all. I deem it my pleasure and privilege to present before you the Annual School Report for the year 2019-20. Before I start with the report about various achievements by the School and the laurels brought by the student in various fields, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Chairman Hon’ble Shri. Ranjeet Deshmukh for his continuous support in discharging my duties as the Principal of this esteemed Institution. Our Chairman is the “MAN OF VISION AND OUR SOURCE OF INSPIRATION”. After taking over the charge in the capacity of the Principal, It was a challenge for me to upgrade the school by leaps and bounds, for which with the support of my staff, parents and students, various measures were taken to fulfill the vision and mission of the organization. As such:- Our vision is “To develop the students who will be self-reliant and responsible citizen of the country and above all a “GOOD HUMAN BEING’’ Our mission is, to become a center of quality education by promoting high academic and social pursuits and developing competencies of the students for their all-round development to contribute towards the welfare of the society and country. I do not have any doubt in my mind rather, I am confident that the vision and mission as set by the organization will be fulfilled in the years to come as,

It is said:-

“Woods are lovely dark and deep, But we have promises to keep And miles to go before, we sleep AND Miles to go before, we sleep”

Well, keeping in mind the message, the vision and the mission and with the kind support and guidance of:

  1. Mrs. Rupatai Deshmukh (Chairperson, M.D.S.P)
  2. Dr. Subhash Bhaskarrao Deshmukh (Vice-Chairman, VSPMAHE)
  3. Shri.Yuvrajji Chalkhor (Secretary, VSPMAHE)
  4. Dr. Ashish Deshmukh (Acting Chairman, VSPMAHE )
  5. Mr. Chandrashekhar Deshmukh (Guardian Director / Manager SMC AIPS CBSE Katol)
  6. Dr. Amishi Arora (Guardian Director, All AIPS School)
  7. Miss. Nisha Chauhan (Education Officer VSPM AHE)

The school will march ahead. From time to time we are always guided and motivated by our Shri. Jawahar Charde (Secretary ADP) I am very thankful to my Media friends for their continuous support and co-operation. I am also thankful to police Department, Forest Department and Education Department for their valuable guidance & support. We forced nine clubs in our school and conducted various activities and events for the betterment of our students. our school got Membership of united school organization of India, New Delhi. Our school also got the Membership of young chapter of peace of the PEACE foundation. We have conducted many creative activities under the banner of USO and PEACE.

The school has reached to the strength of 669 students in the academic year 2020-21 our students have made the school proud with their brilliant efforts not only in the academic but also in the co-curricular areas.

I wish to begin with our performance on the academic front.


It has been our Endeavour to ensure academic excellence. the result of AISSC Examination for the year 2019-20 had been excellent. It was 100 percent.

  1. Rajshree Charpe 95.4%
  2. Ritika Fiske 94.2%
  3. Bhavarth Mahalle 94.0%
  4. Bhoomika Patrikar 93.6%
  5. Sunidhi Gaikwad 92.6%
  6. Ayush Potpite 92.2%
  7. Ayush Gore 91.8%
  8. Pranav Agone 91.6%
  9. Chitaranjan Kakade 90.8%
  10. Nikita Kumbhare 90.8%

Figured as the top notchers during the CBSE board examination. We ensure and assure that the legacy of good academic result will continue through the years to come. Our efforts in this direction are responded very well by the students and the parents.


    The school participated in Inter school song competition organized by Center Point School. The student also represented the school in drama competition organized by Bhavans School, Nagpur. The students are motivated to participate in science Olympiad and NTSE.


    To promote the hidden talents of the students, various co-curricular, extracurricular and adventure activities are conducted for the students from time to time which help them to develop their personality.

    Competitive Examination

    1. Our students brought laurels to the school by excelling in National General knowledge. Test organized by USO Delhi Manes Mahajan bagged gold medal and certificate of merit. Pranjali Bhoyar and Purwaja Gajbhiye bagged gold medals.
    2. 08 Students scored distinction in Hindi Rashtrabhasha Exam conducted by Mahatma Gandhi Hindi Rashtra Bhasha Prachar Samiti Pune.
    3. 37 Students brought laurel to the school by participating in Navodaya Talent search contest. 08 students out of 37 got gold medal, 12 students gold silver and 17 students got bronze medal. 07 students got consolation prizes.
    4. 100 percent result in UNINFO Test Nishigandha Nehare, Khushi Biswas and Bhawarth Mahalle got gold medals.
    5. Rutuja Jungale, Prachi Gedam, Dipanshu Bagade and Ridhi Dhurve got gold medal in IGKO organized by science Olympiad foundation.


    We not only, focus on academics but the students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. The noteworthy achievements are:

    1. Ayush Gore got silver medal in National yoga competition organized by Ayush Ministry Delhi.
    2. Karate kas of AIPS excelled in District squay martial Art championship held at centre point school Nagpur. Tanmay Wankhede and Devang Makode won gold medals while Simran Ansari & Aryan Kabhe won silver. Chaitali Kohale & Anushka Wanjari won bronze medals.
    3. Myanshu Sarwan wrestler of AIPS qualify for District DSO event.
    4. Tinku Ninave bagged the gold medal in three day Badminton Tournament held at local district stadium indoor Hall.


    The school participated in Inter school competition organized by different schools in Nagpur district and got medals and certificates. The students are motivated to participate in Science, Maths, GK, English and Cyber Olympiad organized by SOF.


    To promote the hidden talents of the students, various co-curricular, extracurricular and adventure activities are conducted for the students from time to time which help them to develop their personality.


    The school is well-equipped with:-

    1. Huge play ground
    2. Volley ball court
    3. Cricket ground
    4. Indoor Games: - Chess and Carrom board, badminton.
    5. Digital boards for effective learning teaching process.
    6. Many milestones have been achieved and many still have to be reached. We, at AIPS, will continue our unceasing efforts to mould the young minds into well balanced personalities with confidence and zeal befitting the standards of this portal of education. I would like to conclude by saying that “We don’t believe that the sky is limit for us, when we know that there are footprints on the moon”.


      1. World Health day Celebration
      2. World Earth Day Celebration
      3. World Water day Celebration
      4. World Environment day Celebration
      5. World Population day Celebration
      6. Independence day Celebration
      7. Rakhi Making activity
      8. World Photography day Celebration
      9. National Sports day Celebration
      10. Hindi Pakhwada
      11. Hindi Diwas Celebration
      12. Nutrition week
      13. Online drawing and painting competition
      14. Eco friendly Diwali celebration
      15. Greeting making competition
      16. Bulletin making competition
      17. Birth Anniversary of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
      18. National Mathematics day celebration
      19. Birth Anniversary Atal Bihari Vajpayee
      20. Sankalp day on First January 2021
      21. Birth Anniversary Swami Vivekanand
      22. Birth Anniversary Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
      23. Republic Day Celebration
      24. World Women’s day Celebration
      25. Eco friendly holi celebration

      We conducted all the activities online. We are thankful to our students, parents, and staff members for their support and cooperation.

      Thank You... Jay Hind !