Cultural Activity

Cultural Activity


DANCE- “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”

Through kinesthetic learning, children in dance class learn to imitate, follow directions, remember steps, understand patterns and associate movement with emotional expression. .Our students follow directions in the school and out of the school by participating in dance competitions and bringing laurels to the school .

MUSIC-“Music is the language of the spirit”

We believe that exposure to art and aesthetics is central to the development of a child's body and soul. We have ample musical instruments to teach instrumental music..

ARTS – “Every child is an artist.”

Arts and crafts give vent to child’s expressions and creativity and an opportunity to express himself/herself to celebrate achievements through evaluating their own work and appreciating others’ contributions in our CCA. .

EXCURSIONS – “Education is a lifelong journey whose destination expands as you travel

Our curriculum is enriched by an extensive range of well-attended activities outside lessons and a good programme of educational visits to places of interest .We arrange picnics for our tiny tots of pre-primary school also to rejuvenate them..